Free Resources


Free downloadable PDF resources to help you get started, organize your thoughts, evaluate your processes, and elevate your business.

Design Sprint Pre-Worksheet

Use the Design Sprint Pre-worksheet to gather your thoughts, clarify your goals, get stakeholders on the same page, and make sure you’re feeling confident on Sprint Day 1.

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Design Sprint Reflection Canvas

If you’re looking for a way to gather your thoughts after a Design Sprint, try out our Design Sprint Reflection Canvas. Use it track of objectives, highlights, difficulties, deliverables, lessons learned and more after your Sprint.

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Golden Circle Canvas

Now more than ever, people are looking to spend and associate with brands and organizations that serve a greater purpose. Keeping social responsibility at the center of your business is no longer a bonus– it’s a prerequisite for success. So how can you make your position clear to consumers? Start by defining (or revisiting) your Golden Circle.

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